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Hey y'all.
I'm Jasmine, and I'd love to travel the world, ride my bike in the woods, and jog along the beach. Hawaii will be my future home. Or Canada.
#IglesiaNiCristo is life.

10 April 2014.

I know people associate being awake at night with being lazy, but honestly, I really love being awake at such a late hour because everyone is asleep and everything is quiet and peaceful.

04 March 2014.

My friend tells me I’m leaving her in dust after ditching her for another group on this physics project, pero like, I’m the one who did 99% of the work for the roller coaster project last six weeks and she always copies off of my and everyone else’s paper for the physics ws.

Whatever :p
**starts singing Bye Bye Bye by ‘N SYNC**

09 February 2014.

~6 or 7 years ago, while prepping for the Bible Quiz~
Kuya Ron: So how do you know if you actually understood what was sung during the hymn singing?
Me: If you cry? That’s what everyone does.
Kuya Ron: No, anyone can cry. If you do the things that you sang in your everyday life, it means that you actually understood the hymn.

~5 years ago after a CWS Final Thanksgiving Practice~
Someone: Omg, I cried.
Someone else: Me too? (To everyone else) Did y’all cry?
Me: Just because you cried doesn’t really mean anything.

~Today for our Holy Supper General Practice~
Choir Directress: A minister stressed to us the importance of singing from our hearts. Now, he told us that to sing from our hearts, does it necessarily mean to cry? No, because anyone can cry. Because the same person who cried can be the first to fall asleep during the lesson. Because the same person who cried can be the first one to disobey God’s commands as soon as he or she walks out this door. And so, if we do the things that we sang in these hymns in our lives, it means that we are singing from our hearts. 

03 February 2014.

Seriously, why the hell would you text while driving?
That can wait. I don’t want anyone risking their lives all because of someone’s careless driving. But for real, I CANNOT tolerate that bs.
And if you tell me to not overreact, then f you. I’ve lost my first friend in my elementary school all because of someone’s stupidity, and I for sure hell would not want the same to happen to anyone else.

31 January 2014.

My private lesson teacher wants me to play my solo, Chanson De Nuit, faster and she wants me to put emphasis on the sixteenth notes. And she wants me to play on the E string. And she says that the way I play it puts her to sleep

Chanson De Nuit translate to NIGHT song in English, and I’m pretty sure this piece should sound more like a lullaby than an upbeat Vivaldi piece.

20 January 2014.

It’s early in the morn (12 am) and I have an essay due at 8 am, and I’ve been sitting here for about 4 hours.

But I chatted with a friend whom I haven’t talked for in 3 months, and now I feel a little more motivated to write this essay =)

Good night y’all. xx

this year will be good this year will be good this year will be good this year will be good this year will be good don’t let a day sink you back down to the bottom this year will be good this year will be

11 January 2014.

Two nights ago, my friend asked me about something and we ended up chatting for like 3 hours and talked about things like pictures and tumblr and doge and all types of music and stars and league of legends and it was honestly one of my favorite nights because I consider that person to be one of my really close friends and we just talked about things we enjoy and we didn’t really rant to each other or anything but we still made a lot of jokes and yah. Despite the fact that I slept at maybe 2 am, I really enjoyed it; I really needed to just chill and not worry about life, you know.

04 January 2014.

I’ve had recurring dreams 3x this week and it has the same man and it’s not even scary I actually enjoy it to some extent but it needs to stop because of reasons.

03 January 2014.

Today, I went to go buy a mute for my violin at this violin shop, and there was this cute guy setting up new strings for this little girl, and yeah. He reminds me of the hipster guys from Tumblr, and errmahgerd. He didn’t help me though, some other chick did it for me, boo.

2013 part II.

So late, I know. But better late than never~

2013 was an okay year. Whenever I look back, it felt like it was mostly filled with crappy memories, but now that I think about it, the blessings outweigh all other crap. Did that even sound right, idk, but I think you know  what I’m talking about. 
Okay wait, in 2013, I thought I could be all these amazing crap. But nope, I just needed to slow down and see what really mattered to me. Yeah, that  probably didn’t make sense, but oh welps.
I’m just happy that my 2014 is going well so far. Have a good year =)

Happy New Years! I’ll write my 2013 part 2 later lol.

10:58 am

Um so apparently, my dream last night was a continuation of my dream from the night before last. Freaking NyQuil. It was vivid too, and the dream occurred in my previous house.

Anyways, stay safe and have a fun new year!!!

29 December 2013.

So mama said that she’ll put a stop to my private lessons, and while I have been ambivalent towards this subject, I still sorta want it.

And I lost my voice.

2013. Part I.

Here is 2013, in order.

It started out BAD. Like bad. Seriously. I had a major project that I’ve been working on with a couple of people due in days, and we decided to start over again. A friend asked my slight-crush to compare me to this other girl, and he picked the other girl bc she’s sexier. Yeah. I had to deal with this for a while.

My classmate asked me out to this military ball. I, for religious reasons, cannot go, and, yeah. He was totes heartbroken, and so was I. He bought me these flowers and a teddy bear, and he gets a rejection. I felt like an ass.

We got 2’s on our UIL. And it was his last time teaching us. Now we have this new directress who’s basically Kim Jong Il.

Kuya John and Kuya Ron visited SW Houston again. They’ve played major parts in my life, and they’ve inspired me to do so much. Kuya Ron wanted me to follow my brother’s footsteps of becoming an organist. I, unfortunately, have not gone down this route. I’m sorry. As for Kuya John, we couldn’t go walk to Walmart anymore hahaha.

At the end of my sophomore year, I was in the top 2% of my class. So thankful for this. But honestly, I hate how everyone compares everyone else based on their rank, because “I believe that grades don’t define success, and success does not always lead to happiness”. And my rank will most likely go down after junior year. That’s fine. Got a 3 on US History Exam, my PSAT score went up a couple points from last year.

INC Orchestra, didn’t get in. 2 violas in our local got in, congrats!

Summer was the bomb dot com. Filled with Church Activites, which I enjoy tbh. There was a tornado at OKC, and we did an aid for humanity there. Our church orchestra practiced a lot for the event, and we ended up going there as a group (w/o our families, they went later on) and we all squished in a van yah. Then they also had a Church Dedication, and the lesson was taught by our Executive Minister. It was a memorable one. The word “Pananampalataya” was stated many times, and after many bible quizzes, I finally derived the meaning from his teachings. I must have faith in what I believe in.

I volunteered at my mom’s school for the summer. 104 hours. Yah, it’s a lot, and I met great people with very warm hearts.

I became an adult choir member. Then a CWS Officer and a CWS Auditor. Praise the Lord.

Local splits into two. I got separated from some of my closest friends. We also got a new minister later on.

School starts. Total poop. I thought I was amazing, and I signed up for many of my school’s science-related clubs. I ended up quitting one of them. I got into NHS though. But yeah, I’m not amazing.

I got my first C in US History. This semester, I might have 2 or 3 B’s. Physics murdered my concept of common sense.

I got asked out to homecoming in a cute way. All I remember is that I was walking to orchestra for rehersals, and my phone rang and it said ” *This guy’s name*: Homecoming?” Yah, I also had to reject, and once again, I felt like a dick-head.

Scary people near our Church. We have a bunch of cameras all around now. God continues to keep us safe though :)

I detached myself away from many people, yah. But I still have a lot to be thankful for.

*edit* I totes forgot about the Countdown to Centennial. Ours was in August, and I played in the orch, and I met awesome people from other locales. These 3 sisters had such angelic voices omg. Then sportfest few weeks after that. I just wanna say the NMW have many cute mixed guys lol okay. Yah.
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